Net-Term is a Windows program emulating an AT&T 615 Color Multitasking terminal (615CMT). (DOS users please see EM615)

Product Description


The Net-Term software functions like an AT&T 615 Color Multitasking Terminal. Net-Term is a low cost solution to the high cost of the 615CMT terminal while supporting a large subset of functions and capabilities.

Net-Term is a character at a time interactive emulator. The Net-Term software is designed to emulate all of the specifications outlined in the AT&T 615 CMT Users Guide.

UNIX Compatibility

Net-Term software is completely compatible and supported by AT&T CMS, AT&T/NCR UNIX, Univell, SCO UNIX, Interactive UNIX, and OpenNT UNIX systems. TERMINFO & TERMCAP files included for other UNIX systems.

No Copy Protection

The Net-Term software is not copy protected and its use is governed by a license agreement.

Printing Capabilities

Net-Term supports printing through the Windows print Spooler. Net-Term also supports the ANSI escape sequences for media copy, remote print logging, and print screen allowing for user and system initiated printing.

TCP/IP Connectivity

The Net-Term software is committed to Open Systems Standards based on the Microsoft Winsock Library enabling the Net-Term software to support TCP/IP connectivity over any TCP/IP driver supported by Windows, Windows 95, NT, or OS/2


Net-Term is fully tested with AT&T CMS software. Works with all graphs, charts and supports both 80 and 132 column reports. Net-Term is certified to work with CMS software over both serial and networked connections. See our CMS/ACD News Brief for more details.

System Requirements

Windows, Windows 95, NT, or OS/2 operating system.
Standard ASYNC communications adapter or a Network interface adapter (Ethernet or Token Ring).
At least one floppy drive, CD drive, or network accessible disk (for installation only).

Key Features include:

bulletFull support of AT&T 615 Color Multitasking Terminal (CMT)
bulletLow cost solution to the high cost of 615CMT terminal
bulletCompatible with Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT and OS/2 operating systems
bulletCompatible with AT&T/NCR UNIX, Univell, SCO UNIX, Interactive UNIX, OpenNT UNIX systems.
TERMCAP and TERMINFO files are provided for other UNIX systems.
bulletTCP/IP and serial connectivity
bulletPrinting capabilities as well as support for ANSI escape sequences for media copy,
remote print logging and remote screen printing
bulletClipboard data spooling
bulletUp to 96 programmable function keys with multi-line function key labels (F1-F8)
bulletSupport of User and System function key sets
bulletFully programmable keyboard
bulletFull multi-session support: mix TCP/IP with RS-232 sessions
bulletBaud rates of up to 38K
bullet8 text and 8 background user-defined colors
bullet80/132 columns and 24 to 60 row screen modes
bulletSupport of Reverse, and Underline attributes as well as and scrolling regions
bulletComplete support of all five 615CMT character sets plus IBM character set
bulletEscape Sequences Trace allows the user to examine the data coming in and out for troubleshooting
bulletInter-session one-click data transfers
bulletAutomated login script
bulletOne-click DDE session launch platform
bulletFTP session helper app
bulletOnline help

Net-Term FAQ

Questions about Net-Term? Check out our Net-Term FAQ to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about AT&T CMS and Net-Term. If your question is not answered there feel free to contact our Customer Service.


United States: US$295
International: US$350

Quantity discounts are available. Please contact us for details:

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Tel: +(1) 516-678-0275
FAX: +(1) 516-594-0049
Internet: info@cegtech.com

Download Demo

You can download a 30-day trial version of Net-Term. Click here.

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