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EM615-G is a our DOS-based 615CMT emulator. (Windows users please see NetTerm)

Product Description


EM615-G is a software application that works on any DOS based PC. EM615-G functions virtually the same way as an AT&T 615CMT terminal allowing you to access your CMS/ACD system from your PC. It supports all the same fonts, charts, and colors as the AT&T terminal at a fraction of the cost. In addition you do not need to add another terminal to your desk. Using a terminal emulation package also allows you to have a more "intelligent" device on your desk like a PC instead of a dumb terminal. This lets you perform other tasks like word processing, analyzing spreadsheets, or running Windows, where as a terminal will only allow you to access the CMS software. EM615-G is up to 10 times faster than a 615CMT terminal even when using a serial port. Color terminals are very expensive and you can’t use them for anything else but to access your CMS. Using a PC allows you to do other tasks like word processing, spreadsheets, and system administration, even if the CMS system is located at another site

Automatic file transfers

EM615-G now supports the downloading of CMS reports (or any other file) to your PC so they can be integrated into spreadsheets or other DOS/Windows based applications. With the example programs supplied you can have completely automatic or unattended downloads to your PC. Files can even be downloaded to a shared network drive for access by groups of agents. Many customers use this feature to allow agents to pull reports off of the CMS down to their PC for analysis and comparisons. You can even print these reports from your PC.

Multi-Screen Connectivity

EM615-G also allows multiple connections to one or more systems. Each connection is completely independent and can use either a serial port or a network connection. Serial ports can be either directly connected to a CMS, a modem, or a data switch. Each connection has its own screen and supports both 80 and 132 column displays and/or reports. This feature allows EM615-G to function as if you had as many as 9 separate terminals on your desk.

Network Connectivity

The EM 615 software is committed to Open Systems Standards based on the Wollongong Pathway Runtime, FTP's PCTCP and Novell's LAN Workshop products. These networking products enable the EM615-G software to support TCP/IP connectivity over several network interfaces including:

Ethernet: NDIS (Microsoft/3COM), ODI (Novell NetWare), and Packet Driver (public domain);

Token Ring: ASI (IBM), and NDIS (Microsoft/3COM).

System Requirements

IBM PC with at least 512K of memory and MS-DOS
Standard asynchronous adapter or a network interface adapter (Ethernet or Token Ring)
One floppy drive (for installation only)

Key Features Include

bulletEmulates the 615 terminal’s 14 function keys with perfection extending support to 40 function keys.
All 40 function keys are programmable.
bulletSupports multiple sessions with the same or different hosts. Mix RS232 and TCP/IP sessions.
bulletSupports COM1: to COM8:
bulletSupports baud rates from 1200bps to 115Kbps
bulletSupports hardware and software flow control.
bulletFile transfer capabilities using Xmodem, Xmodem-1K, Zmodem, Ymodem, Ymodem-g and Kermit protocols
bulletCritical code written in assembly
bulletCompatible with Windows 3.x and DesqView
bullet8 text and 8 background colors
bulletSupports 80/132 column modes
bulletSupports Reverse, Blink and Underline attributes as well as scrolling regions
bulletSupports local printer output
bulletJump/Smooth scrolling modes
bulletComplete support of all five 615CMT character sets + IBM-PC character set
bulletAll fonts are customizable
bulletDouble Wide Single height fonts
bulletDouble Wide & Double height fonts
bulletSupports extended graphics for line drawing, pixels, shapes, arcs, fills and more
bulletPass Through support. Enables use of second serial port for bi-directional data pass between the host and auxiliary device


United States: US$225
International: US$250

Quantity discounts are available. Please contact us for details:

CEG Technologies
5 Reeve Road, Rockville Center, NY 11570, USA
Tel: +(1) 516-678-0275
FAX: +(1) 516-594-0049
Internet: info@cegtech.com

Download Demo

You can download a 30-day trial version of the EM615. Click here.

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