EM615-G Released

CEG Technologies announces the release of its new multi-session networkable terminal emulation software

NYC, NY, October 19, 1993 -- CEG Technologies is proud to announce the release of its new version of EM615-G, a terminal emulation application that supports multiple simultaneous sessions over serial and/or network connections. EM615-G is a full function terminal emulation package that supports many unique features. Emulating the AT&T 615 Color Multi-Tasking terminal (a vt100 super-set), and the NCR 7900 terminal, the EM615-G software supports 48 Programmable function keys; Smooth scrolling; 24/25 lines; 80/132 columns (real & virtual); COLOR; Reverse Video; Blink, Underline, and Bold attributes; 6 built-in fonts in Normal, Double Wide, and Double Height modes; Customizable fonts; Local/Remote printing; Serial connections to 115K baud; Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, and Kermit file transfer; Desq-view/Windows aware; and TCP/IP network connections.

TCP/IP connectivity supports several of the most popular protocol stacks including Wollongong's Runtime, Novell's LAN Workplace For DOS, FTP's PC/TCP, and Microsoft's LAN Manager via sockets.

EM615-G is fully supported by most major releases of UNIX! The AT&T 615 CMT terminal type is included with most systems in the standard "TERMINFO" library. TERMINFO file supplied with each copy to guarantee support.

The EM615-G software provides perfect emulation to enable error free operation with all MAJOR UNIX applications including: vi, FACE, FMLI, sysadm, Wordperfect, ACD/CMS systems, even NCR Galaxy!

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