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What is Net-Term/CMS and EM615-G?

NET-TERM/CMS is a software application that works on any Windows, Windows 95, NT, or OS/2 based PC. EM615-G is a software application that works on any DOS based machine. Net-Term/CMS and EM615-G function virtually the same way as an AT&T 615CMT terminal allowing you to access your CMS/ACD system from your PC. They supports all the same fonts, charts, and colors as the AT&T terminal at a fraction of the cost. In addition you do not need to add another terminal to your desk. Using a terminal emulation package also allows you to have a more "intelligent" device on your desk like a PC instead of a dumb terminal.

Why use Net-Term/CMS or EM615-G?

Net-Term/CMS and EM615-G are many times faster than a 615CMT terminal even when using a serial port. Color terminals are very expensive and you can’t use them for anything else but to access your CMS or UNIX system. Using a PC allows you to do other tasks like word processing, spreadsheets, system administration, run other Windows applications, print, download data, and more, even if the CMS system is located at another site.

Connect your CMS to a LAN!

Although networking your PC is not new to Net-Term/CMS or EM615-G, it is new to AT&T CMS systems! Recently AT&T started supporting connectivity between CMS systems and Local Area Networks (LAN’s) using a network adapter and TCP/IP. Net-Term/CMS and EM615-G have been verified to work in this environment and fully tested to ensure it works properly with a networked CMS machine.

Using this feature of Net-Term/CMS and EM615-G, it is possible to connect your PC to a LAN and not have to worry about the number of ports on your CMS! Using this method of connectivity there are virtually an unlimited number of connections available for your agents and it does not use any of your serial ports (terminal ports). This method of connectivity is also as much as 10 times faster in updating your screen displays.

Networked connectivity also saves money on wiring costs. In today's business world most PC’s are already connected to a LAN where as most CMS systems are not. Typically, when a CMS system is implemented you must run a wire to each desk to install a terminal for CMS access. With Net-Term/CMS or EM615-G, just run one connection from your CMS to your LAN and any PC on the network can be allowed access. If you are using Net-Term/CMS or EM615-G to replace a terminal you can use the existing wire (with a null modem adapter) or install a network connection.

Automatic File Transfers!

Net-Term/CMS and EM615-G also support the downloading of CMS reports (or any other file) to your PC so they can be integrated into spreadsheets or other Windows based applications. With the example programs supplied you can have completely automatic or unattended downloads to your PC. Files can even be downloaded to a shared network drive for access by groups of agents. Many customers use this feature to allow agents to pull reports off of the CMS down to their PC for analysis, comparisons, produce charts, or display on common PC’s. You can even print these reports from your PC.

It's not just for CMS/ACD's!

Net-Term/CMS and EM615-G are not just for use by CMS and ACD users. They are general purpose terminal emulation packages that work with most any UNIX system or UNIX application including your PBX. By emulating the AT&T 615CMT terminal, Net-Term/CMS and EM615-G are loaded with features that makes them perfect for even the most demanding UNIX application. Some features available that you might not notice when running a CMS system are: Underline, Reverse video, Color, both 132 and 80 column support from 24 to 60 rows, several different fonts, autodialer for remote support (even from home!), serial port speeds to 38K baud, and network support for both Ethernet and Token Ring environments.

Multi-Screen Connectivity

Net-Term/CMS and EM615-G also allow multiple connections to one or more systems. Each connection is completely independent and can use either a serial port or a network connection. Serial ports can be either directly connected to a CMS, a modem, or a data switch. Each connection has its own screen and supports both 80 and 132 column displays and/or reports. This feature allows Net-Term/CMS and EM615-G to function as if you had a separate terminals on your desk for every connection

NetWare and File Servers

Net-Term/CMS and EM615-G are completely independent software packages. When used for communicating over a modem or serial port they do not need special drivers to coexist with NetWare or other file servers and may be placed locally on your machine or on a remote file server. If using the TCP/IP protocol for networked connections Net-Term/CMS only needs a compatible Winsock driver (standard with NT, Windows 95) while EM615-G supports Novel LAN Workplace for DOS or Wollongongs Pathway for DOS.

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